San Tan Valley Coops & More, LLC

We build it your way, the right way...

Coming Soon! San Tan Valley Coops & More is currently working on affordable tiny/micro homes, and truck camper designs to be rolled out Summer 2019! We are excited to work with some of the best designers in the industry while finding the most affordable, and long lasting materials for these homes. Check back often, or follow us on Facebook to see new products as they roll out! As always thank you for all your support through the years. 

Steps for ordering products from us:

1. Pick a design you like from our site, or send us a picture of one you found or designed.
2. We can make any coop any size so no worries there, we'll get you a price for any changes to size. Rule of thumb when housing chickens is no less than 4 sq ft. per bird, and 1' of roosting space.
3. Pick which upgrades you want. Most of our prices are base prices. (Starting point) Paint, Hardware Cloth, Metal Roofing, Shingles, and delivery are all extra.
4. If no changes are needed and you want to order one of our items from the webstore then you can do so and click checkout. For those needing modifications please contact us, and we'll get an invoice sent over promptly. 

Google some of our coops online

 How Shipping/Delivery Works


We are able to work with your selected freight company to set up shipping quotes to the lower 48 states not listed below! Our zip code is 85140, and we are able to load a semi here. 

We do personally deliver to AZ, Southern CA, NM, and NV. Call for quote on shipping if you are in any of these states to see when we will be in your area.

Chicken coops for all flocks. Check out some of our designs or send us one you like for a quote.

We typically don't carry pre-built coops because something always changes on them but we are happy to design, and build your coop how you want.


2013 Purina Poultry Grand Prize winner for the best coop design "The Chicken Factory"


Family owned and operated

Are you a Handy? Want to build it on your own but don't have the tools? 

Looking to build your own coop design but don't want to hassle with buying all the expensive tools? Make an appointment bring your materials out to our shop and we will assist you in your very own one on one Coop Building Workshop! $100 for up to 4 hours, $300 up to 8 hours. 

Note: You supply your own materials which includes screws and hardware. We supply the staples for our staple guns. We will operate saws for you and make necessary cuts.